Kajaria PLY Flush Door

A door is very much like an attire which tells a story about an owner's choice & understanding on various aspects. Ranging from sturdiness to aesthetics, a door has lot to offer when it comes to our home.

At Kajaria PLY, we understand that a door is also about being the backgrop for those new home photos, first day in school dress memeories, welcoming family & friends or watching your grandchildren grow. Every door witnesses a lifetime and becomes a part of our everyday life, which is why these doors should express who you are and what you value.

Durable performance is paramount when it comes to Kajaria PLY Flush doors and accordingly all our products have been crafted considering various relevant factors, addressing all types of requirement. Every Kajaria PLY Flush Door is covered under warranty, assuring you the best always. Your mind is free when you are secured and your house is protected. With Kajaria PLY Flush Doors, we assure you of benefits like peace of mind, no woories for climate instability and staying safe & secure.

Kajaria Plywood Pvt. Ltd., draws its core strength from the rich experience of its parent company Kajaria Ceramics Limited. With more than three decades of quality product development expertise and an unparalleled commitment towards customer staisfaction, Kajaria Plywood Pvt. Ltd. has been catering wood panel products under the brand name of KajariaPLY. This brand has strived to adopt technologies as well as standards of the modern time with respect to technology, research and quality. Kajaria PLY Flush Doors has therefore set its sight on all these factors adopting the optimal production techniques in order to deliver quality products by making them 100% customer-centric.