KajariaPLY PLATINUM Plywood
A Premium BWP Marine grade product

This is a premium product offering from KajariaPLY and is made from exclusive hardwood species including Gurjan. Bonded with an un-extended phenol formaldehyde resin, this 100% hardwood product has been manufactured with Glued Core Protection technology, which makes it 100% borer proof and termite resistant. KajariaPLY

Platinum Hardwood Plywood

has negligible core gaps, full core & full panel veneers, alongside premium Gurjan face veneer. The hardwood veneers obtained selectively is of premium quality and is engineered to produce the KajariaPLY Platinum Hardwood Plywood which is much heavier and stiffer and has excellent strength & durability. And what’s more, it comes with a lifetime warranty*. Beauty that lasts really long!

The entire gamut of KajariaPLY products comprising of Block Board, Waterproof Plywood, Hardwood Plywood, Moisture Resistant Plywood & Flush Doors are all made to deliver performance beyond expectations and comes with warranty coverage. Therefore, with customer centric approach along-with best-in-class manufacturing process, every KajariaPLY product has some unique features which makes them stand out in the market and rightly caters to the need of our Indian consumers.